Returning to Balance is a unique 5-week course designed to provide transformational opportunities to quiet the mind and cultivate inner peace.

These are challenging times. You are stressed, feeling uncertain about the future, tossing and turning at night, and having trouble shaking the feeling...but know deep inside you are capable of so much more. There is hope!

This course is for you if you want to:

Quiet the mind and develop more inner peace

You are ready to start feeling better, be less affected by the world, get and stay balanced so you can focus on your purpose, or even discover it. You'll work on applying simple, repeatable practices and refining them over time. 

Learn practices to shift your states for optimal experience

You want to raise your baseline state and have effective tools to bring your best to any situation. You'll have more awareness of the body-mind connection and intuition, so you know how to get grounded in the moment.

Reduce stress, increase energy and overall life satisfaction

You want to stop feeling stressed, so you can get back to enjoying your life to the fullest. Focusing on your inner world can get you back to living a life of natural joy and purpose, regardless of your current situation or circumstances.

Course Topics and Highlights

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Why am I here, hosting this course? Because I believe there is a better way to live than most of us have been taught. In the past I was a skeptic, a materialist and a true believer in science. I had a level of career success beyond my expectations, yet was still feeling burned out, stressed, withdrawn, frustrated and sad. An unanticipated divorce left me depleted and seriously taking stock of my life. Some days it was hard to get out of bed, let alone set goals or be enthused about life. At that point, I had to decide how I going to live.

I got serious about self-development and experienced transformation beyond my wildest dreams! Beyond reading books, seeing therapists or joining spiritual communities, the internal realignment in thinking, attitude about life and relationship to self made all the difference. The practices of gratitude, self-compassion and forgiveness removed blocks and created internal freedom. I learned how to shift states for optimal experience and flow, whatever the situation and reconnect with my body to feel twenty years younger. I was finally getting quality sleep again at night. I was able to expand my consciousness and see the best in others. Hope became the norm instead of despair. I was able to reframe my perceptions and beliefs so stress had less of an impact on me. I learned from the best teachers, distilled their practices and put them to use. I became certified as a holistic wellness coach with a calling to help others.

Retuning to Balance is my formula that brings everything into alignment, so you can feel better, see yourself better and be better in the shortest amount of time possible. It only takes a moment, but that's easier said than done. Five weeks is a relatively short amount of time for transformational self-development. Everyone’s journey is different. The path to healing will be as nuanced and unique as the individual. Success, however you define it, will be determined based on your desire and focus on whatever it is you really want and the choices you make to get there. I hope you'll entrust me to help you see your way to your best self.

When you click the 'Enroll Now' button, you'll be taken to the course landing page at Thinkific, a leading online course platform, where you can create a login, securely enter payment information and immediately begin week one of the course! Retuning to Balance™ is a visually rich course with video presentations, practices, exercises, and guided meditations. For the cost of only a few therapy or coaching sessions, you can have a process that creates a lasting impact in your life. The course is worth thousands of dollars, but I want it to be accessible to as many people as possible. Don't wait, it will go up after this initial launch phase! Some of these teachings have been priceless for me. Here's another way to think about the investment - what is the true cost of not doing anything differently in your life - to feel better, reduce stress, learn and grow?

No risk - if you don't find the content and practices helpful, I'll refund the full enrollment fee within 90 days.

Human consciousness may be the single most powerful creative force on this planet. Understanding it and how it works within you is the key to unlocking your true power.

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